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Mark Robert Sucgang
Age: 36


in Bachelor of arts in Christian education

Hi I'm Mark Robert Sucgang. I'm Efficient and Effective Sales Representative. With 5 years of Experience in Telco Account as Sales Specialist Cold calling and Lead Generator for Marketing Agency.1year as Virtual Sales Development Representative. I can work Under pressure with Less Supervision and I can work Anytime.
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Top Skills:

customer service
sales representative
lead generator

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Take A Look At Mark Robert Sucgang's Most Recent Work Experience
B2B Outbound Sales
Sales Specialist Cold calling
May 15, 2017 -
March 3, 2021
B2B Outbound Sales
Sales Specialist Cold calling
April 3, 2021 -
January 1, 2022
Virtual Sales Development Representative
Lead Generator Virtual Sales Development Representative
January 1, 2022 -
January 20, 2023

What Makes Me Different

I have all the skills and experience listed in the job description
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