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Julalee Veloz Villamero
Age: 44

Some College

in Economics

Hi, my name is Julalee Villamero. My mission is to offer my skills and expertise to help Clients and Businesses across the world with managing their daily tasks/operations. I am here to make life easier for you and help you in achieving your goals and business needs.

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Top Skills:

Customer Service
Technical Support
Content and Copywriting
TESOL and TEFL certified
Email Management
Email and Chat support
Knowledgeable in Canva, MS office and Google suite

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What Makes Me Different

You should hire me because I have 13 years of experience in Customer Service which includes handling difficult customers, admin tasks, content and copywriting. I am also knowledgeable with WordPress, SEO and blogging to help you reach your target market. I am well versed in the English language (TESOL and TEFL certified) and would have no problems in communicating with foreign clients. Rest assured I can do the job well and in a timely manner hence I would be an asset to your team.
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