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Jolee Ann Bagay
Age: 24

Bachelor's Degree

in Information Technology

I worked with different international companies as a Customer Service Representative, Technical Expert, and Sales Support for almost five years. My communication skill both oral and written have helped me build long-term relationships with my employers. I’m an experienced Virtual Assistant for two years. in which my vital roles would be general admin tasks such as appointment setting, communications, accounting, and managing documents.  I have extensive experience generating leads for e-commerce services companies turning them from cold leads to warm ones. I’ve helped several clients increase their sales by over 30% through my lead-generation strategies. I’ve used Salesforce to get better leads opportunities and I used Google Analytics to measure the success of our lead generation efforts by tracking website traffic, conversions, and leads generated through social media marketing. 
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Top Skills:

Social Media and Email Marketing
Customer Service

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Take A Look At Jolee Ann Bagay's Most Recent Work Experience
Technical & Sales Expert
- Demonstrated ability to stay ahead of the curve in developing technology, with a deep understanding of consumer home tech, resulting in 20% improvement in quarterly lead conversion rate. - Mastered 50+ technical simulations to keep up-to-date on product advancements, leading to a 100% resolve rate. - Proficiency in remote selling techniques and managing customer needs through real-time coaching sessions, augmenting daily productivity by 25%. - Provided high quality customer service while selling insurance and products through established guidelines and policies; exceeded sales quota by 20%.
June 21, 2021 -
January 31, 2023
MYK Trading
Virtual Assistant
• Managed communications between clients and businesses through real-time responses to emails & phone calls, expanding reach across a diverse customer base. Produced presentations utilizing Canva, Powerpoint, Power Director, & Capcut; increased meeting engagement & overall success rate by 25%. • Created spreadsheets in Excel and generated documents in Google Suite, workspace & Microsoft 365 impacting efficiency by 45%. Coordinated with team via Asana & Slack for task organization; reduced lead time needed to complete tasks by 33%. Performed accounting tasks such as receivables/payables and taxation using Quickbooks; delivered financials 13% faster. Supports IT Team in testing softwares that will help the flow of the items without hassle using different API Testers. • Employed SalesForce to generate new leads while leveraging Google Analytics to measure website traffic/conversions/leads generated from social media & email marketing resulting in 30% increase in leads.
July 13, 2020 -
July 31, 2022
Account Associate
• Maximized AT&T customer utilization through accurate data entry & daily account maintenance, resulting in >90% data accuracy rate. • Mentored 10+ Account Associates on navigating complex CRM platforms & developing professional client relationships, contributing to a 40% increase in recognition for outstanding customer service. • Provided exceptional service with the highest integrity and professionalism as reflected on my year-end metric breakout.
September 5, 2019 -
June 18, 2021
Software Engineer / Business Associate
• Optimized Java PL for integration of software systems, mitigating potential errors by 50%. • Utilizes the use of Java PL during the integration and proposed flow charts how the integration will start and end. Conducted comprehensive training for 40+ associates to demonstrate pathways through the system, resulting in 75% higher accuracy scores. • Designed and implemented workflow diagrams to monitor the start and end points of integration process, boosting efficiency by 40%.
July 9, 2018 -
January 20, 2019

What Makes Me Different

I have excellent communication skills both oral and written, I am tech savvy, I am flexible and can adjust when needed and I can deliver high-quality work with minimum supervision. I have extensive experience generating leads for e-commerce services companies turning them from cold leads to warm ones
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