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Jessica Abejon
Age: 26

Some College

in Dentistry

I am Jessica Abejon, a Dentistry student currently on a leave of absence from the University to experience personal growth and to independently earn money. I started my Freelancing journey last year and I have observed that I have grown so much from where I started.

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Top Skills:

Search Engine Optimization
Keyword Research
Social Media Management
Social Media User Engagement
Social Media Content Creation
Graphic Designing Using Canva
Google Ads Set Up and Optimization
FB Ads Set Up and Optimization

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Seamless Creatives
SEO Specialist, Content Writer, FB Ads Specialist, Google Ads Specialist
SEO Specialist, Content Writer, FB Ads Specialist, Google Ads Specialist
September 30, 2022 -
December 17, 2022
Nature's Best Cebu PH
Social Media Content Graphic Designer
Graphic Designing using Canva

What Makes Me Different

I am a flexible person with a positive attitude. I am an organized and dependable person. I have attended a few paid training to upskill and offer more services to my clients. I am highly trainable and willing to adapt to any positive changes this work requires.
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