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Daniel Jake Geronga
Age: 27

Bachelor's Degree

in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Business Operations Management

Hi everyone. I'm Daniel Jake Geronga, I am 27 years old and I live here in Santa Rosa City of Laguna, Philippines. I graduated in a prestigious school of De La Salle University of DasmariƱas with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration major in Business and Operations Management. I've been in role of Supply Chain and Production Supervisor, with around 5 years of experience in Inventory, Manufacturing, Logistics and Sales. Most of my tasks in my previous jobs revolves in the Operations of the company. From receiving Purchase Order, Sourcing of Materials, Budgeting, Production flow, and planning, even warehouse management and inventory management. I used different tools such as SAP, QuickBooks, Oracle NetSuite, WMS with R200 and WCS to insure all transactions from PO, warehousing, inventory control, hit the different KPIs of the company.
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Top Skills:

Accounts Production
Accounts Receivable
Bill of Materials
Budget Management
Communication Skills
Computer Skills
Customer Service
Flow Charts
Inventory Control
Inventory Planning
Microsoft Applications
Online Inventory Management
Payroll Processing
Planning & Scheduling
Production Planning
Purchase Orders
Sales & Marketing Alignment
SAP Business One
SAP Inventory Management
Strategic Planning
Time Management

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Take A Look At Daniel Jake Geronga's Most Recent Work Experience
Monde Nissin Corporation
Warehouse & Operations Specialist
Daily huddle with Operations team Set day to day goals (Daily KPIs) Arrange all necessary coordination with Sales team Arrange transfer goods from different SLOC to support the order of the day Check all the Inventory allocation for the Order of the day Tracking of Inbound and Outbound transaction coordinate with the 3PL Supervisor Daily and monthly inventory cycle count Checking floored stocks in the warehouse inventory Arrange QA checking to the stocks with defects or wet stocks Check if all Inbound transfer in our warehouse is already PGI in SAP Ensure a timely CR in SAP before cut-off Check of WMS time to time each wave activation Check utilization of warehouse
September 21, 2021 -
February 1, 2022
GreenPhils. Inc.
CS-Production Coordinator Supervisor
Receiving of POs, initiate management meeting for big project Check every details that are needed for the products Make Production Plan using Gantt Chart Do weekly budgeting, present the budget to manager and director Conduct Sourcing of materials that are needed Make arrangement to order materials Cascade instruction with the team base on the production plan Arrange transfer of products to Sub Contractor Make sure that Overtime is file accordingly Make BOM or Bill of Materials, update BOM SAP bas on current pricing Monitor Productivity of employees
December 1, 2018 -
December 1, 2020
SingTech Industries Inc.
Assistant Supervisor under Planning Department/ Sales/ IMPEX
Receiving of POs Do budgeting base on the needed Materials for the on hand POs Making Quotations Making Production Plan, using Gantt Chart List all of the items that are needed by the production in order for it to run Follow up quotations given to the potentials clients Establish communication with clients Over see Production and check if it is on track base on the Prod Plan Maintain daily checking of the progress of different POs
January 1, 2018 -
December 1, 2018
De La Salle University of DasmariƱas
Office Assistant
Assist students from the university Checking of all the documents that are seeking for approval to implement or start Oversee all the activities of different Organization in the campus Plot and organize all activities that are approved by the Director and Dean Present to all of the Offices what are the main actives in the campus during meeting Checking of proposal from the Students Council and different organization
September 1, 2016 -
December 1, 2016

What Makes Me Different

As a person who is looking for a job in the field of Logistics, Supply Chain and being a Virtual Assist, I think I already have the foundation and skill set to be a good employee. Base on my skills, experiences and expertise, I can be a good fit to your company.
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